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Message from Dora Villarreal

Times of crisis demand strong leadership and a deep understanding of the problems we face.

When I was appointed as Rock Island County State’s Attorney in July of 2019, I knew that there would be challenges ahead for our office and for our community. But I never envisioned that, a year later, the world would look so different. We are now struggling to contain community spread of a dangerous virus while doing our best to maintain our economy, educate our children, and go about our daily lives. Against the backdrop of a pandemic, we have also experienced an inspiring cultural movement demanding change in policing and criminal justice, especially as it relates to Black Americans and other people of color.

A global pandemic, an economic crisis, and structural criminal justice reform each pose significant challenges, individually, for local government. As these crises have combined, they have been transformative for our criminal justice system. Shortly after winning the democratic primary, the courthouse closed for normal business. My office has been tirelessly working during the pandemic to ensure that our office still carries out its normal functions of prosecuting criminal cases and advising the County in civil matters, while also trying to safeguard the public in our courthouse, process cases in a timely manner, and lift up victims so they can still be heard even if they cannot set foot in the courthouse.

I have also been personally working with Black community leaders to determine how we can best reform our local policing policies and prosecution practices so that these are as equitable as possible. While I have been advocating for criminal justice reform since assuming office, those efforts have been accelerated recently and I look forward to updating the community on our progress in that area as time goes on.

Times of crisis demand strong leadership and a deep understanding of the problems we face. I am more ready now than ever to meet the challenges that our office faces. I am honored and endlessly thankful that the voters of Rock Island County have endorsed my vision for the future by nominating me as the Democratic candidate for State’s Attorney. I hope to carry that momentum from the primary into the general election and beyond.

Rock Island County deserves a strong, compassionate, and transparent State’s Attorney with new ideas that will meet the historical moment. I look forward to being that leader our community needs for years to come. I humbly ask for your vote on December 3rd 2020.

Thank you Dora Villarreal Rock Island County State's Attorney

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