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Dora’s Work in Office

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

  • Criminal Justice Reform: First Offender Initiative Program—available for all non-violent offenses; Alternative sentencing for low-level offenses; Resources for addiction and mental health; Mental Health Task Force; Cannabis Forums and Training—website and email for the public

  • Managing 12 attorneys and 14 assistants.

  • Digitizing: Changed to secure e-mail disclosure of reports, motions and videos to defense counsel, eliminating copying, paper and postage expense. Moved to online legal research and saved over $15k in costs.

  • Began all Grand Jury proceedings for probable cause findings on felony charges vs. weekly Preliminary Hearings.

  • “Smart on Crime”: Focus on serious and violent offenses, assigned Street Crimes Prosecutor.

  • Recalled all Failure to Pay Warrants

  • New forms for Fees & Assessments—to allow fee waivers for indigent defendants

  • Personal review of felony cases.

  • Weekly case review with our local Federal authorities.

  • Victim Rights training and Policy—new policies in office to ensure compliance

  • with Victim Rights’ Act.

  • Personal meetings with victims/families of violent crimes.

  • Legal Update Training for Law Enforcement Agencies.

  • Presented at Citizens Police Academy, Pot Panel, Crimestoppers, Career Days and Job Shadowing with local schools to explain the duties of the office.

  • Special Prosecutor for Whiteside County to handle prosecute sex abuse case.

  • Maintaining felony caseload as well as administrative duties.

  • Assist in all courtrooms: traffic, misdemeanor, juvenile and felony.

  • Quick responses to Department Heads and County Board.

  • Created State’s Attorney Facebook Page for increased awareness and accessibility.

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