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Announcement: 8/22/19

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Dora is officially a candidate for State's Attorney! It was quite the evening. Special thanks to Laborers Local 309 for hosting the event.

We heard from a trailblazer and local legend, Eva Savala, who is Dora's Honorary Chairwoman. We also heard from County Board member Kai Swanson, who was an energetic emcee for the announcement. He reminded us that we are all electors, and it's on us to create the kind of world we are seeking--one grounded in justice for all.

It was a packed house full of local elected officials, party activists, and friends and family. Dora is grateful to everyone for taking a chance in supporting her. She may be new to politics, but her dedication to justice and community service goes way back. Dora is currently serving as State's Attorney and has been moving toward reforms and modernization in the office.

Watch a recap from the evening below:

The campaign is excited to get going. We just launched Dora's website and Facebook page, and Dora will continue to show up, speak to voters, and continue her open door policy. She believes in learning from - and listening to - her peers.

We're excited about Dora's launch and we hope you are, too. Please consider engaging with this campaign. Whether you feel comfortable donating a few bucks, signing up to volunteer, marching in a parade or just liking her page on Facebook, we need your engagement in this campaign.

Thank you for standing with Dora as she continues to work for you to deliver justice for all.

-Team Dora

Press Release from the Announcement:

Rock Island County State’s Attorney, Dora Villarreal, announces 2020 bid

Surrounded by family, friends and supporters, Dora Villarreal made it official -- she’s running in 2020 for Rock Island County State’s Attorney.

“I’m running in 2020 because I love this work and know that I can do a good job for the citizens of Rock Island County,” she said. Villarreal, who made her announcement at the Laborers Local 309 Hall in Rock island, was joined by several elected officials and representatives from organized labor. Veteran community leader, Eva Savala, is her honorary campaign chair.

“I’ve had a chance to take a fresh look at the office of state’s attorney – its mission and budget, its policies and priorities. I’m blessed to have excellent staff in the state’s attorney’s office, and I’ve leaned on them for advice and counsel,” said Villarreal. “I’ll work hard to earn the public’s confidence, trust and support.”

Repeating her “I’m working for you” theme, she outlined key goals for the office of state’s attorney in 2019 and beyond.


-Focus on prosecution of violent crimes, gun violence, gangs and car chases, including the creation of a “Street Crimes Prosecutor” to assist with these cases.

-Created a “Special Victims Prosecutor” to assist in ensuring that we are in contact with victims in and out of cases.

-Redistributed caseloads to help balance out serious crimes and assist with older crimes that are backlogged.

-Slowly taken her own caseload to be in court in addition to working closely with the Civil Division

In the area of REFORMS

-Directing resources and community efforts for drug court, mental health court and treatment facilities to help lighten the burden on jails and courts.

-Juvenile alternatives such as community service and mentoring, reflecting that legislation has moved away from incarceration


Move toward digital modernization, including eliminating more than $15,000 in legal research books since they’re available to the county digitally.

-Eliminating paper copies and mailings; assisting in creating forms for e-filing.

-Open-door policy & team-based approach to work.

-Provide quick and accurate legal counsel to help our elected officials make the right decisions on challenging public policy decisions

Villarreal says she will make “community prosecution” a model and priority for her approach in the community. “As state’s attorney, I’m a firm believer in listening and learning from my peers in all of the communities that intersect with the state’s attorney’s office – the legal community, the law enforcement community, the education community, the non-profit community,” she said.

“Effective public service – effective community prosecution – requires effective community partnerships that are at the heart of effective community leadership,” she added.

Villarreal added, “The American Bar Association’s definition of a prosecutor is defined as one who seeks justice – and that should be our goal and our model in Rock Island County:

Justice by keeping streets and neighborhoods as safe as possible Justice by seeking creative alternatives for those afflicted with alcohol and drug addictions and mental health disease.

Justice through community prosecution in which the state’s attorney builds strategic partnerships with groups of all ages and backgroundsJustice through increased accountability and transparency within the office of state’s attorney Justice by coming to grips with the increasingly dangerous numbers of guns in the hands of dangerous criminals, while protecting our hard-working members of law enforcement.”

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